Corporate websites:

Lloyd Jones LLC, a real estate investment firm had two divisions that were not being properly highlighted on their single corporate site. The site was dated and the backend was incredibly difficult to use.

Developed separate sites controlled by a singular CMS. Added video capabilities, a robust communities search tool, interactive maps, dual language, and more for less than what they paid for their original single site.

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Corporate Video:
The capital management team needed a tool to provide potential investors with a quick ‘get-to-know-us’. So the marketing team needed a video. They wrote a script and we developed the attached 2-minute video. In order to provide an authentic piece, my team shot drone footage of the downtown area plus in-office clips. We tied that together with branded imagery, text overlays and a recorded VO.


Sales Funnel:
Email campaign takes the prospect to a company landing page capturing lead deails.

Social Media Campaign:
Capital Markets/Investment posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns.

Employee Newsletter:

Lloyd Jones employee newsletter in both print and digital formats.

Overview Brochures

Simple one-page overview sheets to familiarize potential partners and investors with the company.